Choosing The Right Office Chair

//Choosing The Right Office Chair

Choosing Home Office Chairs, Boardroom Chairs & Executive Chairs

When choosing the right office chair for either your home office or workplace, it is important to look for the solution that best meets your needs. Fortunately in Australia we are spoilt for choice as there is a large range of office furniture available and most types of office furniture can be simply ordered online from an office furniture store.

Home Office Chairs

When choosing the right solution, there are some function and design considerations that should always be considered. Perhaps the most important consideration is the comfort of the chair. This is especially the case if you are going to be spending a large part of your day sitting on the chair – at your office desk for example. Your chair needs to feel comfortable and ideally be ergonomically designed to help you body cope with the demands of sitting in a chair all day. When choosing an office chair there are some very specific factors to take into account such as the seat material, the chair height, depth and width, the lumbar support, and the swivel and recline features. Alongside these, the function and purpose of the chair need to be considered. For example a drafting chair has quite a different function to a home office chair.

Boardroom Chairs

When choosing boardroom chairs, often the first priority is the look and feel of the chair. Fortunately, there is a wide range of very stylish and visually appealing boardroom chairs available. Manufacturers of boardroom chairs also recognise that these chairs need to feel comfortable. When making important boardroom decisions the last thing you want is for members of the board to be uncomfortable. Investing a little extra in a quality boardroom chair will reap rewards for your company.

Executive Office Chairs

The same can be said for executive office chairs. These chairs are designed with style in mind and a wide range is available to compliment your other office furniture. There are various materials and colours available, although for some reason the black executive chair remains a popular choice. By definition and executive chair suggests luxury, so these chairs are typically designed with both comfort and style in mind. Executive chairs also seem to be quite a popular furniture choice with Australian homeowners who want to give a sense of style to their home office.

In Australia, manufacturers of office chairs and office furniture, have more recently embraced research into ergonomic design and have been quite proactive in incorporating these principles into their own designs. Lumbar support is central to ergonomic design and to customer satisfaction. A chair that supports the spine is a popular choice over more basic office chairs

Ideally, try before you buy is the best strategy. The easiest way to do this is to visit a showroom and actually sit in a range of office chairs and try out the various options for yourself. Try sitting at a desk to test the height of the chair for your body type. If you are time poor or simply want the convenience of online shopping from an office furniture store, take care to check the specifications carefully before ordering and check the return policy from your supplier. A little bit of thought when choosing your office chair will go along way to finding the right solution for your office.

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