Styling Affordable Office Furniture

You have the desk, the chair and the filing cabinet, but your office looks less than inspiring.
Don’t worry! Purchasing affordable office furniture doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style.
In fact, styling affordable office furniture is easier than you think. With some clever planning and accessories, you can create a stylish and functional workspace that won’t cost the earth.

The right layout

Before going in guns-a-blazing, think about the space you’re working with. If space is an issue, a corner workstation or hutch desk with drawers or shelving are effective space savers. A simple laptop table might be all you need.
If you have space to spare, a conference desk will give you room to move. Alternatively, sit and stand desks are on trend right now. Incorporating colourful visitor chairs or a sleek couch into larger workspaces is another easy way to dress up your office without emptying your bank account.

Storage solutions

A stylish office is an organised office. Keep the office clutter free with filing cabinets, pigeon holes or brochure stands, or choose a desk with built in shelving. Shelves and storage have huge styling potential. Adding a personal touch is easy with photos or artwork. Funky stationery holders and waste paper baskets are a novel way to inject life, while actually improving productivity.

Add some colour

Brighten up your office with bursts of colour in the form of vases, a novelty coffee mug or stationery holders. Choose colours to match your brand, or take inspiration from your local environment. Copper wire baskets, candles and cute stationery are budget ways of styling your office furniture and are easily switched around to stay on trend.

Go green

Breathe life into any work space by making plants or flowers part of your décor. Opt for a small desk pot plant or freestanding plants scattered throughout an open plan office to keep the creative juices flowing. Hanging plants are a novel idea, while a bunch of fresh flowers is simple yet effective.

Accessorise wisely

Little things really do make a difference to your mood, productivity and creativity in an office. A simple cork board is the perfect foundation for an inspirational mood board, for example. Mood boards can add a personal touch to your office and inspire staff.
Showcase your personality 0r recent business success stories with photos. Choose bright frames or mix up the sizes and textures. Transform your photos into pieces of art by hanging them on a wire with miniature pegs or creating an eye catching collage.
Ditch your boring, beige clock for a more stylish version. Vintage, upcycled, modern or minimalist clocks can be a real talking point in the office.
Printable art and inspirational quotes will take your office from dull to dazzling. Free printables are available online. You’ll only have to dip into your pocket for printing and framing.
And don’t forget lighting! Coloured desk lamps or a funky stand-alone light are stylish and functional.
These ideas are sure to help you style your affordable office furniture to create an organised, comfortable and inspired workspace on a budget.

Need more bright ideas on styling affordable office furniture? Browse the range at Clicks Office Furniture online or contact our team today!