Advantages Of Buying New Office Furniture In Brisbane

//Advantages Of Buying New Office Furniture In Brisbane

Advantages Of Buying New Office Furniture In Brisbane

Upgrading or replacing your office furniture? Don’t just buy the first item you see, there are important factors to consider!

When making impulse purchases you are potentially throwing away your hard earned dollars on poor quality junk. Your first big decision is whether to purchase second hand or new office furniture to get the best result for your Brisbane business.

Used, pre-loved or brand shiny new?

Is there really anything wrong with buying second hand furniture? Yes and no. Office furniture needs to give visitors to your business a good impression; it also needs to stand up to frequent use. While the occasional second hand bargain might be a handy addition to your workspace, the bulk of your office fitout is likely to function better if it’s in top condition.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for office furniture.

Why new office furniture is better

If your office is modern and professional or even a standard home office; new office furniture is the way to go. There are a few reasons buying new is the better choice:

· Compare – When purchasing brand new, you are able to visit multiple stores and compare the quality and price. When armed with knowledge about what makes great quality office furniture, you will be making an informed decision on an item that will last you years if not decades.

· Warranty – New items come with warranty. So in the unlikely event your purchase is faulty, you will get a replacement or repair for free. This warranty will vary from store to store so make sure you ask when doing comparisons!

· Delivery – Store and online purchases come with the option of delivery. Local delivery is often free so it is not only convenient but it also reduces the risk of you damaging your furniture before arriving home.

· New feeling – That fresh crisp brand new feeling of a new wooden desk or soft leather as you take a seat cannot be experienced with second hand buys. Feeling comfortable and inspired by your workspace is the key to increased productivity.

When is used office furniture better?

Used furniture certainly has its place. It can make an ideal splash of colour or help create a theme. Antique items lend elegance to a room, whilst there’s fun to be had with quirky retro items, too. These tend to work best, however, as feature pieces rather than core items due to the need for functional, durable furniture in any busy office.

· Used furniture allows you to add a vintage flare to your décor that new furniture doesn’t always offer. If the piece is old enough it could introduce a great deal of character into a plain office thanks to its unique charms, essentially being a focal piece in the room.

· If DIY is your style; second hand items are perfect because these items are typically in need of repair. You can add your own sense of design and artistic flare to a discarded piece of furniture and make it your own.

· There are certainly bargains to be had in the second hand market, but it’s worth considering the long term costs, too. If your vintage piece needs special cleaning or maintenance, it may not seem like such a good deal after a few months of use.

If you desire a professional and contemporary décor, then purchasing new office furniture in Brisbane is your best option. With various styles, designs and selections available you will find everything you need at affordable prices!

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