Stand Up Desks – The New Trend In Office Furniture

Aching back? Poor posture? Your office furniture could be the culprit!

Do you spend hours sitting behind your desk, day in day out? This does not come without consequences for your body. It doesn’t have to just be ‘one of those things’ that happens; you can do something to change it! See how the right office furniture from Clicks Office in Brisbane can benefit your health.

What are the benefits of a stand up desk?

Stand up desks are on trend right now. They are the preferred option for people with back pain as they relieve the pressure that long term sitting puts on your spine. If you’re not already a pain sufferer, this simple change of routine may prevent issues down the track.

In addition to this, your legs and back muscles get more of a workout standing than they typically would sitting behind a desk.

Other benefits include:

• Energy increase – You can increase your energy expenditure by making small changes. Standing up gives you a 10% increase, chewing gum offers 15% and walking uses a massive 150% more energy than sitting. *Tip: Step away from the desk and go for a small walk or stretch as often as possible to keep your body active.

• Health – Unfortunately most office workers spend more time sitting behind their desks than they do sleeping each day as our average work hours get longer. Combine this lack of sleep with a lack of physical activity, and you’re increasing your risk of obesity, diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. A stand up desk is one easy way to move your body more during the work day.

• Productivity – By standing and moving about, you increase the blood being pumped around your body which assists in pepping you up. Even a small boost in energy might be all you need for better concentration and productivity at work.

Are there different styles available?

Like all furniture, there are different stand up desk options available. You can try a standard stand up desk, which is basically a tall desk and does the job just fine. For greater flexibility, try a height adjustable sit down/stand up desk from Clicks Office. This allows you to choose the option most suitable to the task at hand, at the push of a button.

It is no surprise stand up desks are becoming increasingly popular in homes and offices; there are so many studies

that confirm the benefits of this latest office furniture trend. Make the right choice for you and your employees by considering stand up desks when you make your next purchase of office furniture in Brisbane.

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