The Importance Of Ergonomic Office Chairs

Don’t leave the office with an aching back! The solution is easier than you think.

With office hours extending, you now find yourself sitting behind a desk for up to 8+ hours on an average work day. This is the source of many health concerns but there is a simple way you can help avoid the dreaded workday backache. Here is how upgrading the office chairs in your Brisbane workplace will help!

Fully-ergonomic vs semi-ergonomic office chairs

If you are shopping around for a new office chair, you will know there are too many options to choose from. What you may not know is the difference between a fully-ergonomic and a semi-ergonomic office chair. While they are similar and a must-have for office work stations, there are distinct variances. Here is the comparison between the two:

Fully ergonomic

A fully-ergonomic office chair is completely adjustable. This means you can customise your chair to be the perfect fit for you. Features include:

• Backrest – The backrest is adjustable and should be wide enough to cover your whole back and shoulders. This is important because it needs to offer ample lumbar support and some are even designed specifically to contour the “S” shaped curves of your spine.
The back rest should also be able to tilt back with ease for maximum comfort and to relax the back muscles.

• Seat height – Due to everyone having different length legs, the seat height is adjustable to accommodate wavering needs. Chairs that adjust between 40cm and 64cm vertically are believed to be the most ergonomic because your seat should not put any pressure on your knees.

• Seat – The seat should be soft, padded and offer a slightly concave shape to support and offer your lower back (and backside) comfort.

• Arm rests – Arm rests should offer padding, be short in length and adjustable.


A Semi-ergonomic office chairs are great for users that do not require hours at a time behind their desks. While they do offer support to the operators, it is minimal compared to the fully ergonomic option.

• Backrest – The backrest is adjustable and tilts to provide some support for your spine and lumbar area, however it does not offer the complete support your back requires for long periods of use.

• Seat height – The seat height is adjustable and typically comes within the 40cm – 64cm ergonomic guidelines.

• Seat – The seat is typically soft enough to do the job but does not provide any extra comfort.

• Arm rest – Semi-ergonomic office chairs do not offer arm rests.

Both of these options have their purposes and many people favour one over the other. It is important that your chair is both practical and comfortable for your health and productivity.

Before purchasing office chairs for your Brisbane office, consider the use intended for your chair, how many hours a day it will be required and the style of desk you have.

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