Office furniture shopping? Confused by what you need? You aren’t the only one!
A lot of confusion surrounds what is actually needed when making purchases of office accessories in Brisbane for your workplace. Do you really need a chair mat? Why in the world would you need a pigeon hole? How could a whiteboard possibly be better than a diary? See below for what you will find useful and why these must-have items make a difference.

The office accessories you need to make your office a success

In every career certain tools are required to make your job easier and more productive. Office jobs are no different. Here are just a few accessories you should consider for your new office or office upgrade project.
• Whiteboards – Depending on your role, you may be required to have multiple jobs on the go at once. A whiteboard (mobile or wall mounted) allows you to make notes with ease, be able to see all the details in one place and at a glance. This is also particularly helpful when holding staff meetings or conferences.
• Chair mats – Not the most exciting addition to your décor, but what you may not realise is that by investing in a chair mat you will save yourself thousands of dollars in carpet replacement in the years to come. A mat is a low cost investment with a huge pay off.
• Desk tidy – The last thing you want to see when walking into an office is a messy desk. It says a lot about the employee and you don’t want ‘disorganised’ to be your customer’s first impression of the business.
• Pigeon holes – If your office has several employees with different roles, it is likely they will be receiving mail, weekly updates, memos and other notes. Pigeon holes are an easy and effective option for keeping everyone up-to-date without disrupting work with meetings and talks.
• Files – It may be an obvious one but it is certainly one that is overlooked and taken for granted. Files assist with organisation, preparation and efficiency. Every office should have a stash of them for those important documents.
Small and inexpensive office accessories in Brisbane can have a huge impact on the productivity and success of an office. Don’t be fooled into thinking you can manage without quality, effective office accessories.

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