How To Choose The Right Desk For You

Ready to replace your desk? Upgrading? There are so many options to choose from that it becomes confusing!
If your job requires you to sit behind desks in your Brisbane office for the majority of your day, you need a workstation that is designed with your needs in mind. But knowing what a good desk really looks like and how it can meet your requirements can be tough. Here are our tips.

What you need to know

So you have started browsing local stores and online trying to find the right desk but don’t know what to look for. Here is a quick rundown of things to consider:
• Budget – Before you start looking, know what your budget allows so you don’t look at desks beyond your achievable price limit. If you have a beer budget and start looking at champagne quality desks you will only be left disappointed.
• Storage – If you require a lot of storage for notebooks, pens or files, take this into account when choosing a desk.
• Size – Do your measurements BEFORE you go desk shopping! The last thing you want is to get your new desk home only to realise it is too large to fit your office space. This also applies if you have a large space and you think a compact desk will be fine. It may end up looking out of proportion to the rest of the room.
• Space – The desk space itself is important as well. If you have a double screen set up keep this in mind when choosing the size of your desk. Do you store a printer, speakers, diaries or a keyboard? All these things take up room and it is room you cannot just add to the desk later.
• Quality – This is one of the most important things to consider. Yes you may be able to get a desk cheaper but will it last as long? A good quality desk can last you a lifetime. Heavy wood is typically sturdier than its cheaper competitors and will generally look more appealing.
• Stability – When having a look at desks, lift one corner off the ground and watch for flex. If it flexes, put it down and walk away. Flex suggests the desk may buckle over time or be inadequate to hold the weight of computers and printers.

The right balance of practicality and style

The type of desk you have should meet all your practical requirements, but it needs to look good too. Depending on your office décor, you might prefer a neutral desk that doesn’t overpower the colour scheme. Alternatively, you might like your desk to be a show piece, fully pimped out with glass and steel accessories. There are so many desks to choose from when kitting out your Brisbane workspace that it’s quite possible to find practicality and style in the same piece.
Keep our handy hints in mind when you’re buying desks in Brisbane and you’re sure to find the right piece for your needs.

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