Quality And Affordable Office Furniture Is Available In Brisbane

It is time to upgrade some of your office furniture and while many people would have you believe that superior quality cannot also be affordable, they are wrong! There are businesses whose sole focus is providing customers durable, stylish and budget friendly options. In fact, exceptional AND affordable office furniture is available right here in Brisbane.

What office furniture do you need?

Choosing the right office furniture for you really comes down to the ways in which you use your unique office. Will you be sitting at a desk all day long? Or do you need to store a lot of files or products in your work space, for example? It can help to make a plan of your daily routine before heading out to shop for new office décor.
For the average office, you’ll need:
• Desk or work bench – this must offer ample surface area to complete the required job without causing frustration.
• Office chair – these must be supportive and suit the amount of daily use required. Keep in mind that for long term use you should ensure your chair offers comfort with the correct height, depth and width, lumbar support, swivel and recline settings to suit you. With these factors correctly in place, the user can work for longer hours without risk of back and neck pain, or lost productivity.
• Storage – Ample storage makes an office space a lot more comfortable to work in. Consider drawers, cupboards, filing cabinets and shelves to maximise the space you have.

How can you tell if furniture is quality made?

There are a few simple things even the most amateur of furniture buyers can do to ensure they are purchasing items that will last the distance. These include:
• Check the construction – Furniture held together by staples or obvious nails should be avoided. This also applies if glue is visible. Look for moulded pieces, or furniture that’s been expertly assembled for strength and durability.
• Do the wobble test – If it is wobbling in the shop, avoid it like the plague. This is where stores show their best products and if it is wobbling on the showroom floor then imagine what it will be like when you have it at home with the extra weight of your PC or books.
• Flex check – By lifting one corner of the desk, bench or shelf you will be able to see if the item has flex. Too much flex ultimately means you will have sag over time and this will result in having to purchase yet another piece of furniture.
Keep these points in mind when shopping for your upgrades because quality is important to the longevity of your furniture. Don’t be fooled into thinking that affordable office furniture restricts you from having pieces that will suit your décor; it is definitely possible to find contemporary, minimalist, professional and traditional styles at the right price.

To discuss your affordable office furniture options in detail, give the team at Clicks Office a call today on (07)32653125!