The Different Types Of Filing Cabinets

Your disorganised office is getting out of control and you need to get it sorted out, fast! Filing cabinets can make an instant improvement, but how do you decide which style is right for you?
Finding which type of filing cabinet is best suited to your needs is easier than you think. Consider the facts below for everything you need to know about the different options available.

Styles of filing cabinets

There are two main styles of filing cabinets for your office and each has its own unique benefits.
• Vertical – The vertical filing cabinet is the most traditional option for businesses and home offices. As a result of these being tall and thin, they can be easily stored anywhere in the room. You’ll usually see them tucked in a corner, out of the way of traffic, but several can be placed next to one another along a wall without detracting from the ‘look’ of the room. Choose contemporary finishes like wood or coloured metals to match your décor.
• Lateral – Otherwise known as horizontal file cabinets, this model has wide drawers, best suited to the offices of those who need to store large or unusually shaped documents, like architects, builders or legal teams. These cabinets generally store up to a third more than the vertical cabinet alternative, but also take up more space in the room.

Common filing cabinet material

Thanks to advances in office styling, the options when buying filing cabinets are now much more aesthetically pleasing than the old gun metal grey boxes. With a selection to suit your needs and your office décor, you can now have a practical and sophisticated office space.
• Metal filing cabinets – These are the most commonly used option for those in professional offices as they offer durability and remain structurally sound for years if maintained well. Thankfully they are now available in a large range of fashion colours and finishes to match any office design.
• Rolling file cabinets – Generally used for short term storage, these are a practical option for organisations that need files to be frequently transferred from office to office. They are lightweight and have the benefit of wheels to move them around the building as required.
• Wood – While just as structurally sound as the metal alternative, the warming colour variation in the wood option provides the work space with a welcoming ambience.
Often finding the right balance between practicality and visual appeal can be a difficult task, but using the tips above you’ll be able to shop like a pro and explore options far beyond the traditional idea of office filing cabinets.

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