How To Find The Right Office Chair For You

Before you race out and buy the first office chair you see, stop and read this, so you know what to look for!
Whether your office chair needs to be replaced, or you’re fitting out a new work space, it’s only natural that you want one that not only looks appealing but that is comfortable too. You might be tempted to go and buy the cheapest one you can find but is it really going to last?
There are many shops that sell office chairs in Brisbane – but not all office chairs are equal! Make sure you take the following into consideration when you go looking for your next office furniture purchase.

What to consider before replacing your office chair

Many think a chair is just a chair but when you spend hours sitting on it behind a desk, 5 days a week, they couldn’t be more wrong. There are several factors that need to be assessed prior to choosing the ‘right’ one for you.

Seat material

The materials that are used to make office chairs are a crucial part of what makes them so comfortable. Soft fabrics (like leather, pleather or cotton) are preferable to hard plastics or wood surfaces if you’re sitting for long periods. Save those materials for your wipe-clean dining spaces or outdoor decor.

Seat height, width and depth

Ensure the chair is the correct height for your desk. Forearms should be parallel to your work surface for best posture. If your chair is too high it can result in knees being higher than your hips, which causes your body weight to put extra pressure on your spine.
The width and depth of your chair is equally as important because it should offer ample space for user comfort and support.

Lumbar support

As mentioned above, supporting your lower back is imperative. The lumbar spine curves inwards which is why sitting for long durations of time without adequate support leads to slouching and poor posture. Ensure your seat offers ample support for your spine.

Swivel and recline

Many people consider spinning and reclining to be luxury ‘extras’ when it comes to office chairs; but they actually serve a practical purpose.
Swivelling helps the user rotate to reach different areas of the desk and office. It can assist spine comfort, make the keyboard easier to use and reduce eye strain by keeping the computer screen at optimum viewing point.
Reclining reduces pressure on the spine, assisting with posture and lumbar support. It can also be helpful when you need to ‘clear your head’ for a few minutes before returning to the task at hand.
There is not one specific type of office chair that is best for everyone. You need to assess your personal requirements and, ideally, try before you buy. Your budget matters, of course, but so does the likely longevity of your office chair usage.
When looking for your new office chairs in Brisbane, keep in mind that looks are not everything! Support and comfort are crucial considerations for better health and productivity in the workplace.

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